paNhari: Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower youth through providing economic and learning opportunities. Youth represent an opportunity of today and tomorrow - as educators and innovators, entrepreneurs and investors, health professionals and scientists, politicians and peacemakers. This makes it doubly important to invest in them now - making it possible for future generations not only to survive but also thrive.



Equips and empowers young entrepreneurs (especially university students) by strengthening their economic roles, and giving them experience and self-confidence in the public-sphere. This entrepreneurship support empowers  young people to transform their boundless ambitions into creating jobs for themselves – and when their businesses take off, employment is created for other youth as well.

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The Incubator

Prepares students and recent graduates with non-cognitive life and workforce skills. For many Zimbabwean university students, traditional university experiences teach them how to retain information and pass exams, but provide them little about how to thrive in the broader world as productive participatory citizens.

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Social Action

Engages students and recent graduates in civic engagement. This is the most fun part of paNhari as it requires the students to combine and utilize all the skills they gained from the other two initiatives; Tumbukai and the Incubator. The students and recent graduates apply their entrepreneurship concepts, cognitive and non-cognitive skills to develop community projects that improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need – ultimately employing other young people in the community.

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News & Media

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Latest Media

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